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Lake St. Clair Musky taken on the Optimus Swine in Mardi Gras

Eric Grajewski with a monster Lake Huron Lake Trout on a Bush Pig

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

2010...here we come!

Hello All!!!

Lots of updates to the site over the past 30 days.  9 new patterns have been added, along with 4 assortments of proven big fish catching flies.  I made some updates to the site to make it load a lot quicker to make for better experiance as well as updated all the pictures, there are a lot of trophy fish to look at!!

Although the hard water has set in here in Michigan, we finished out the season strong right up until winter struck its final death blow to fall in early December.   Lots of lake trout, and many other predators were putting the feed bag on right up till the ice started forming.  A new fly was the real star of the closing of the season, the BUSH PIG.  A great baitfish pattern that puts up a great profile and shimmy as it's moved through the water.  

I will be posting up the winter tying schedule of what shows I will be at as well as the fly shops I will be tying in or conducting workshops in.   








7:36 pm est 

Saturday, December 5, 2009

"The Cold" is here....New Patterns for 2010

Early December and "The Cold" is here.  Shoreline temps are falling quickly, and ice could be around the corner.  The past week to 10 days of shoreline fishing has been outstanding, the baitfish have finally moved in close and the predators are there to crush them.  Brown trout, lake trout, northern pike, steelhead, and walleye have all been taken on flies in the past week by GLF flies.  Too bad the ice is going to keep the flies away from the fish...

 New Patterns for 2010!!!

Look for new patterns to be added before the end of December, they will include

3 Critter-type patterns: Lunatick, Rough Ruff, and the Whoop-R-Chucker

4 All-Around Big Fish Catching Streamers: CAT 4, DNA Clouser Minnow, Bush Pig, and Polar Pig

2 Musky Patterns: Musky Mushy and Enforcer

More pictures to come..but to see the complete set of GLF photo's visit the Great Lakes Fly facebook pager HERE



8:31 pm est 

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The Mega Rattling Murdich was a top producing fly in 2011

Specialising in flies for all the predators of the Great Lakes Region.  The great thing about streamer fishing is that it is pro-active, you become the fly as you strip, pause, jerk, and manipulate the fly to entice the fish to chase down and attack.  These patterns are battle tested and have proven effective not just in the Great Lakes Region, but across the country.   



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