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About Us

I am a Michigan man, born and raised.  I have been surrounded by big water all my life.  After getting my first fly tying kit at the age of 15,  fly fishing and fly tying became my passion.  As much as I love the "traditional"  fly fishing experience I have always wanted something a little different.  That's when I started looking out at the shores of my Great Lakes state instead of inland on the smaller rivers (and smaller fish).  Taking concepts and ideas from saltwater fly fisherman on the east coast for stripers and blues, Gulf of Mexico for everything, and the Baja Peninsula of Mexico for Roosterfish and Jack Crevalle- I began to apply them to my exploits here at home.  

I believe in big flies that cut out the bottom 80% of the fish in the water.  I like it when I show up somewhere with a fly rod and people say "what are you going to use that for?".  I will target any fish that has a penchant for taking a fly and will put up a spirited battle.  Carp, freshwater drum, steelhead, smallmouth bass, salmon, brown trout, lake trout, and pike are all targeted by my fishing buddies and I throughout the year.  

I strive to share my passion and thrill of fly fishing with others as well as my two boys.  I hope to pass on the love of being on the water and the rush of hooking a mammoth muskie on Lake St. Clair or a steelhead from Lake Michigan.

Eli Berant


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