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Mega Rattling Murdich Minnow

This is our #1 searching pattern on Lake St. Clair for Pike, Bass, and Musky.  This fly creates a disturbance by pushing a lot of water, fluttering a good amount of flash, and most of all a serious "KNOCK" coming from the large glass rattle built in to the head of this fly.   Great fly for dirty water or trying to stir up some action. 

Pike, Salmon, Musky, Bass, Lakers and Browns, throw this for the big boys.


 This fly is tied on a long shank 4/0 hook and is 5.5" in length

**New Colors added 12/11: Clown, Yellow over White, Parrot (Blue/Chartreuse/Orange), Black over Chartreuse

Item #MRMM


Price $9.00 


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