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Regal Vise: The best vise available.  Period. 
Clear Cure Goo:  Tooth Proof your flies...I do

Grab Your Fly Charters - Capt. Austin Adduci focuses on the South end of Lake Michigan in and around Chicago.  Carp, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout, and other Salmonids are all targeted with the long rod.  

Great Lakes Fly Fishing - Capt. Brian Meszaros guides on the warm water flats of Lake St. Clair, Detroit River, and Lake Erie with the fly rod.

Anglers Choice Flies - Mike Schmit's site, another talented tier from the  His winged wets are works of art.  
Weather Sites:
NOAA Great Lakes Marine Forecast - great place to get wind, wave, and weather forecasts for where you want to fish across the Great Lakes
Great Lakes Coastal Forecasting System - get water temps, current directions, and more info on the Great Lakes
Great Lakes Coastwatch - Surface Temps of the Great Lakes
Weather - you can never have enough weather info
Weather Underground - you can never have enough weather info
AccuWeather - you can never have enough weather info





If you have a site you think other Great Lakes Fly Anglers would love to check out, send us and email please email to We'll check it out, and if it fits we will add it so others can check it out as well.  

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